A history of support for mental health

The Story

One fateful night in 2003 two friends came up with an idea for an Ottawa comedy show to support mental health. That night, Cracking-Up the Capital was born.

The first show, held at the Centrepointe Theatre in 2004, was a great success. Over a decade (and many laughs) later the now rebranded Alterna Savings Crackup is a week-long festival of comedy, events and hi-jinx that attracts top comedic talent from around the globe.



Not for profit, community driven

Alterna Savings Crackup is a registered, Canadian not-for-profit run by passionate supporters of Mental Health from all walks of life. By day, we're marketing and communications consultants, social media experts, public servants, and more, but by nights and weekends we become a crack production team!

We couldn't do it
without you!

Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters who have made Alterna Savings Crackup what it is today.